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The New Apple: WWDC 2014 Roundup


Compu-Triage: Help! What is this NOISE?

So that's what that noise was...

You’ve donned your yoga pants and work-out t-shirt. You’ve started playing soothing music at a low volume. You go to YouTube’s search bar:  “Yoga tutorial beginner,” you type. A whole list of promising videos pops up. So what if it’s May? You’re going to make good on those New Year’s resolutions. Good for you! You assume the Mountain Pose as your level-voiced instructor suggests, and take a deep breath.

This is when your tower starts making… a noise. It’s so different than the comfortable hum you’re used to hearing that your concentration is immediately ruined.

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Head in the Clouds: Back Up Your Data!

Recently I was back at home in St. Louis, helping my parents out with some spring cleaning, when I found a cache of old computer accessories. There was a box full of floppy disks containing my all-time favorite computer game, Master of Orion. There were stacks of scratched CDs I burned in high school. There was a mysterious zip disk on which I had written “SECRET” in red permanent marker. I was doing everything I could to back up the data that was most important to me at the time, whether that was save files, music, or petulant pre-teen poetry. And that trend continued:  in 2010, I was in graduate school, and my data was saved on my laptop, desktop, and on an external hard drive. I was set! I was safe! Or so I thought.

Within a week, my desktop and laptop both died. No need for tears, they lived long, happy lives. I bought a used netbook on the cheap and, when I plugged in my external hard drive –



And my data flashed before my eyes. All my music! Pictures! Movies! All the writing I’d done in 2.5 years of graduate school! All the writing I’d ever done, ever! Poof.

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Compu-Triage: Help! My cat is a jerk!

Liquid Spills on Laptop

Finally, time to relax! The house is quiet. You pour yourself a tall glass full of freshly squeezed orange juice and sit down with your laptop at the kitchen counter to watch animated gifs of cats missing jumps.

“Mrowr,” Socks whines. Socks is always whining. Perhaps Socks doesn’t appreciate your watching his brethren embarrass themselves on the internet. You go to Google, “How to get cat to stop whining?” As the search is loading, Socks – that rat bastard – leaps onto the kitchen table where he knows FULL WELL he is not welcome. Anticipating your frustrated armsweep, he dodges and leaps across your laptop, knocking your orange juice into your keyboard, then scrabbling away across the linoleum.

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Wearable Technology: The Future In Its Infancy

From the calculator watch to Google Glass, we’ve come a long way. But is wearable technology actually the future, or are companies seizing on to a science fiction themed flash-in-the-pan?


EVERYTHING. You heard me.

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