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Apple TV & Roku, will help spice up your TV!

Televisions and mobile devices are the center of attention for most of the tech companies these days. These two areas are where we will see the most innovation within the next two years. Some of the magical stuff is already here for us to enjoy such as Apple TV and Roku and some others such as TVs thinner then your cell phone at amazing 4mm, or cell phones that can turn into laptops were announced at this year's CES.


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Your local shops vs Amazon, a lost battle?

Let's look at behind the scenes at that small shop where a friendly old man sells coffee beans, and espresso cups, that shoe store owned by an Italian guy with funny jokes, how about that furniture store with always something cool in  display? Wait. Where did they go? Some of them are gone and some are about to give up. But why?

I hear some of you saying why do I care? I can buy (almost) everything from my smart-phone unless of course I can't wait for Amazon to ship it to me. Hey wait they now offer local same day delivery in most places or the worse case scenario there is a giant store not too far from me which has everything I can possibly need inside.


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