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The New Apple: WWDC 2014 Roundup


iCloud or Google Apps to Sync your iDevice?

Have an iPhone and need to sync all your information accross all devices? You shouldn't limit yourself to using iCloud, Google sync can be a great alternative!

iCloud makes a lot of sense for those using only Apple devices however if you have a PC or an Android device as well Google sync is your best friend.

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Apple TV & Roku, will help spice up your TV!

Televisions and mobile devices are the center of attention for most of the tech companies these days. These two areas are where we will see the most innovation within the next two years. Some of the magical stuff is already here for us to enjoy such as Apple TV and Roku and some others such as TVs thinner then your cell phone at amazing 4mm, or cell phones that can turn into laptops were announced at this year's CES.


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Why buy a cell phone if you can lease one?

It's amazing how much we can do with our cell phones, isn't it? I plan on writing a post called "things I do on my phone" very soon but I'm afraid to get started since it'll be a quite a long one.

Every time I upgraded my iPhone, I got happier. It's like a never ending cycle I'm caught in. Apple (at the very least) expects you to replace your phone every other year. I'm certain other phone manufacturers want you would swap phones often as well. When we replace our phones industry benefits in many ways. More stuff newer phones can do means more services, apps, upgrades, and bundles are available and sometimes necessary for purchase in addition to revenue made from the selling of new phones. 


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PC or a MAC? How about PC and a MAC?

If I were to create a top ten list of most asked questions in my line of duty, "PC or a MAC?" would be in the top three. Interestingly enough my answer has changed over the years. When I first started getting asked this question, my answer was PC then more recently it was MAC. However for a few years now I have been saying you don't have to pick one, you can have both. Of course this is not what Apple or Microsoft wants you to do in fact they try everything in their power to lock you in their Eco system. As the computer prices drop, their intergration into our daily activities, and our dependence on them increase, owning multiple computers becomes a common practice. So why decide on one over another?

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