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Head in the Clouds: Back Up Your Data!

Recently I was back at home in St. Louis, helping my parents out with some spring cleaning, when I found a cache of old computer accessories. There was a box full of floppy disks containing my all-time favorite computer game, Master of Orion. There were stacks of scratched CDs I burned in high school. There was a mysterious zip disk on which I had written “SECRET” in red permanent marker. I was doing everything I could to back up the data that was most important to me at the time, whether that was save files, music, or petulant pre-teen poetry. And that trend continued:  in 2010, I was in graduate school, and my data was saved on my laptop, desktop, and on an external hard drive. I was set! I was safe! Or so I thought.

Within a week, my desktop and laptop both died. No need for tears, they lived long, happy lives. I bought a used netbook on the cheap and, when I plugged in my external hard drive –



And my data flashed before my eyes. All my music! Pictures! Movies! All the writing I’d done in 2.5 years of graduate school! All the writing I’d ever done, ever! Poof.

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Everyone needs a home-server!

Most of us have more than one computer around the house. Some of us even have media players connected to our music system, streaming devices connected to our TVs, tablets, and etc. Now wouldn't it be awesome if there was one device in your house that you can use for keeping all your files? One device that will offer the best protection against losing your data, and offer permission options to control who can access what. Basic home-server that all your devices can easily access to for your multimedia and you and your wife can collect your pictures?

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True stories of unfortunate data loss

Data loss happensIf you take a moment to reflect on what your computer holds for you everyday, you will make a startling discovery about how much stuff is in there that is either impossible or very difficult to replace. Over the years I have talked with everybody that listened about the importance of backing up their data but in most cases if they haven't lived through a data loss situation they just nodded and moved on. I have not given up though. Today I'm going to talk about easy ways to backup here so hopefully you will start backing up moment you're done reading but one thing I'll do in addition is to give you unfortunate stories of real people to motivate you.

There are so many sad stories of data loss I have encountered over the years but one always stood out. One of our very loyal customers came in one day with an external drive in his hand. He said that his dog knocked it over while it was spinning and he just wants the data out of it.

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