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Compu-Triage: Help! What is this NOISE?

So that's what that noise was...

You’ve donned your yoga pants and work-out t-shirt. You’ve started playing soothing music at a low volume. You go to YouTube’s search bar:  “Yoga tutorial beginner,” you type. A whole list of promising videos pops up. So what if it’s May? You’re going to make good on those New Year’s resolutions. Good for you! You assume the Mountain Pose as your level-voiced instructor suggests, and take a deep breath.

This is when your tower starts making… a noise. It’s so different than the comfortable hum you’re used to hearing that your concentration is immediately ruined.

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Don't let heat defeat your computer

Dirty Laptop Heat SinkHot weather is here and as we start finding ways to cool off so our computers. The way our computers lower temperatures is by increasing the fan speed kind of like turning up the air conditioner. If the airways are clogged though fan can beat itself up but no fresh air will come through. There is a good picture to demonstrate this problem on the left, one of our technicians pulled this out of a over heating laptop. Heat sink was so clogged no air could penetrate through and get to the internal components. Most folks by air cans and spray through the bottom of the computer which offers some help but in most cases it simply forces the dust and dirt further inside.

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