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Where to spend those few advertising dollars

Online Promotions

I have been in business long enough to grow tired of every sales person chasing me around. If you're one of us trying to make ends meet in this economy after getting everybody paid while dealing with well trained pack of wolves (sales people if you didn't guess already), you know how agonizing it is. If you're not one of us, I hope you can sympathize. Just think of the last time you got confused and duped into some kind of an extended warranty or additional coverage with your purchase of headphones or minor car repair. Small business owners have always been at a disadvantage against large national companies with virtually unlimited resources and as if this is not enough, we fight with sales people and sales gimmicks to make good use of those few dollars we have left to promote our services.

As much as word of mouth is the best form of advertising, I believe it's not enough. Especially these days when people trust Internet more then their family members. Once you realize it's a must to get the word out and start looking for the best way to advertise you start dancing with the wolves. When you look for reasons to pick one over the other to, every one of them shows you charts, benchmarks, reviews, testimonials, you name it and they got it.

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