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iCloud or Google Apps to Sync your iDevice?

Have an iPhone and need to sync all your information accross all devices? You shouldn't limit yourself to using iCloud, Google sync can be a great alternative!

iCloud makes a lot of sense for those using only Apple devices however if you have a PC or an Android device as well Google sync is your best friend.

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Music to match your activity at your fingertips!

Music to match your activity at your fingertips!

Music is magical in ways that sometimes we forget. It has been talked about helping surgeons during long operations with concentration, stimulating patients with brain damage, used as a form of therapy, helped with learning disabilities, the list goes on!

I think of music as a great glass of wine that needs to be paired with every activity no matter what. I was very happy to find out that someone thought of this and created Songza which simple does just that. Started in New York the music streaming service offers a user friendly web interface in addition to iPhone, Android, and Kindle Fire support. Songza is design to complement any activity with a great play-list

As soon as you login to the site or start the app on your smart device it checks your local time. It then presents you with common activities you can choose from. Once you select the activity you see a list of genres (ie. selecting work or study will give you the following genres: Jazz, Acoustic, Film Scores, Electronic, Classical). Once you make your choice here last screen will give you playlists to choose from which match your activity and genre of choice. 

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Going paperless? It's about time!

I tried to go paper-less many times in the past 10 years but there was always a difficult part in the process that made me give up. By nature I'm a lazy person so scanning and sorting my paper was a job I didn't want to do. I knew organizing and locating all these documents on my computer would be much easier then sticking them in folders in a ugly filing cabinet the whole time but I hadn't find Fujistsu ScanSnap just yet. 


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Everyone needs a home-server!

Most of us have more than one computer around the house. Some of us even have media players connected to our music system, streaming devices connected to our TVs, tablets, and etc. Now wouldn't it be awesome if there was one device in your house that you can use for keeping all your files? One device that will offer the best protection against losing your data, and offer permission options to control who can access what. Basic home-server that all your devices can easily access to for your multimedia and you and your wife can collect your pictures?

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Apple TV & Roku, will help spice up your TV!

Televisions and mobile devices are the center of attention for most of the tech companies these days. These two areas are where we will see the most innovation within the next two years. Some of the magical stuff is already here for us to enjoy such as Apple TV and Roku and some others such as TVs thinner then your cell phone at amazing 4mm, or cell phones that can turn into laptops were announced at this year's CES.


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