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Your local shops vs Amazon, a lost battle?

Let's look at behind the scenes at that small shop where a friendly old man sells coffee beans, and espresso cups, that shoe store owned by an Italian guy with funny jokes, how about that furniture store with always something cool in  display? Wait. Where did they go? Some of them are gone and some are about to give up. But why?

I hear some of you saying why do I care? I can buy (almost) everything from my smart-phone unless of course I can't wait for Amazon to ship it to me. Hey wait they now offer local same day delivery in most places or the worse case scenario there is a giant store not too far from me which has everything I can possibly need inside.


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Why buy a cell phone if you can lease one?

It's amazing how much we can do with our cell phones, isn't it? I plan on writing a post called "things I do on my phone" very soon but I'm afraid to get started since it'll be a quite a long one.

Every time I upgraded my iPhone, I got happier. It's like a never ending cycle I'm caught in. Apple (at the very least) expects you to replace your phone every other year. I'm certain other phone manufacturers want you would swap phones often as well. When we replace our phones industry benefits in many ways. More stuff newer phones can do means more services, apps, upgrades, and bundles are available and sometimes necessary for purchase in addition to revenue made from the selling of new phones. 


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Is your data on cloud 9?

Are you one of those folks who are weary of storing any of your files online? If so you really are missing out! Number of cloud based tools and cloud integration to existing devices are blowing my mind these days and I wanted change your mind today. Even if I don't get to accomplish my goal with this post at the very least you will now what you're missing out on. 

I'll dive into examples since this is the best way to demonstrate what cloud storage can really do. Let's talk about DropBox, it's nominated for the best cloud service and best overall startup in the cloud category of Crunchies 2011 awards. Currently many people take advantage of its simple yet very powerful ability of making your data portable. Dropbox has a software for Mac, Windows, or Linux so to get started you install the program on your computer, then create a free account (up to 2GB free). DropBox creates a folder on your computer and keeps all data in this folder constantly synched among all your other devices.

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STOP Stop Online Piracy Act & Stop PIPA

I decided to take a quick break from a busy day and let you know about my feelings on SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) & PIPA (Protect Intellectual Propert Act), two bills in the US house and senate. Unfortunatelly it is not getting enough media coverage to let the masses know what is at stake and the minority who hears about these two bills in media aren't able to make their judgement due to lack of clarification and explanation of what they really mean. 

In plain English we're about to pass bills to censor websites that infringes copyrighted material. These bills would legalize same tecniques used by countries like China & Iran to stop piracy by building a framework for resctriction and surpression.

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CES 2012

Consumer Electronics Show has always been something I wanted personally experience but as I follow it year after year it seems to be less and less interesing and more and more irrelevant. 

Technology seems to be evolving so frequently that having a show to display what's coming in the next 12 months seems unpractical. Most companies seems to change direction on new products or jump onto new ideas hence year after year what we hear at CES suppose to be setting a trend never really does. 2008 it was WiMax (upgrade to 3G) now almost dead. 2009 was 3D TV and wireless charging of your gadgets both hasn't captured any popularity. 2010 was Android tablets (iPad killer), iPad is still very much alive and I rarely see anyone using an Android tablet. 2011 was cellphones that you can turn into a laptop, we all have one of these, right?

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