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Chat Tech Usa - PC Repairs

Our very first job when we opened our doors was to replace a system board on an older Dell. Our client was pleased enough to spread the word.  One week later, three of his friends also dropped off their computers. Now, a decade later, we have grown into a business servicing over a hundred loyal clients. The secret to our success has been to go the extra mile to keep our customers satisfied. Our highly trained and certified technicians are able to perform any repair on any brand machine, but that's not all...

Our knowledgeable case specialist is available to discuss repair options with you to explain your choices as well as offer suggestions to help you make the right choice on your repair needs. Our prices are all based on flat rate service fees which means you know the exact cost before the work begins. We repair and service PCs and MACs.

Repair Services Include

Windows Washing

This unique service includes complete tune-up of your Operating System. Since your computer faces hardship regularly through installing/removing programs, moving files around, loading items in start menu, and even browsing the web, eventually these cause your computer to slow down and collect filth. We go through your Operating System inside and out to tune up its performance,  remove any infections, and give you a current virus protection along with a couple other cool tools.  Once our work is done you can maintain the system on your own.

Chat Tech Usa - MAC Repairs

MAC Jack

MAC Jack is designed for those with a MAC looking to optimize and streamline their computing experience. Our first scan is free and tells us about the hardware condition of your computer including disk drive and memory. Next step, we check the cooling system since MAC computers are more prone to air circulation and over heating. Once we finish with your MAC hardware, we concentrate on your software environment, taking a look at the MAC OS as well as the installed applications.

Virus & Spyware Removal

Our computers are exposed to risk of infections anytime we are on the Internet. If exposed and infections are not addressed, they can become a bigger problem. We recommend regular system scans at our lab (once a year minimum) to ensure your computer has not been damaged beneath the surface. We also offer clean-up services on major infections.

Operating System Installation

Operating system installation may seem like an easy task to accomplish on your own with the quick loading of a recovery disk, but it's not that simple. The recovery disk shipped with your computer not only loads outdated Operating System & drivers, but it also inundates your computer with junk and a trial software brought to you by the manufacturer. We, however, only use the original and bare operating system disks made by Microsoft ensuring that no junk software and/or trial will end up in your computer. We also acquire the latest hardware drivers for your devices and optimize your operating system during the process. As the final touch, we install our standard software package which provides you with word processing, CD/DVD burning, media playback, and virus protection as well as system maintenance tools.

Hardware Maintenance

One of the things computers are real good at is collecting dust & dirt. We have seen everything from spider webs and pet hair to roaches and melted cooking oil. If left unaddressed, your computer is unable to cool itself off properly resulting in irreversible damage. We offer different services for laptops and desktops to address this problem. We remove all foreign objects and clean the machine internally with attention to detail in where dust and dirt could collect, and finally we replace the important chemical (compound) between the heat sink and the processor which helps move the heat away from the surface of the processor.

Notebook Screen Repair & Replacement

Since we opened our doors in 1998 we have seen it all. All the way from screens cracked by cats jumping off the bed to laptops screens with no visual damage yet show no display. We believe in saving computers from the trash for two simple reasons: one to prevent the unnecessary costly purchase of a new computer, and two to help reduce electronic waste. We have located a reputable vendor to buy our screens and parts from us at a fraction of the manufacturer's pricing helping us save our customers' computers.

System Board Repair & Replacement

We are able to diagnose problems related to system boards and address them when the repair costs are feasible. We buy our replacement parts with warranty and pass it down to our customers in addition a warranty to cover our labor services. We do a complete check on the systems prior to any repair to help our customers avoid future problems with their newly repaired computer.

Notebook DC Jack (Charger Connector) Repair

On portable computers and devices the charging port is the most fragile piece of hardware.  Due to the bad quality or wear, it breaks of over time. If you are having to hold your charger connector at a certain angle to power up the unit, or if you are unable to get power to the unit, we can help. In most cases we can repair and reinforce this jack giving you twice the lifespan you got from the original jack.

Liquid Damage Clean-up

Drinking a cup of coffee while surfing the net on your laptop can have costly consequences. Liquid damage requires immediate and proper attention before it's too late. Most people try to dry the liquid, then turn their computers back on. Bad idea. Once liquid seeps in and makes contact, even if it is dried fully, it starts the corrosion process. If you experience liquid spill, unplug the computer from the outlet and remove the battery immediately. Turn the computer upside down, and keep it that way until you are ready to bring it to us for diagnostics.

Other Matters

Even if there is an issue with your computer not covered here, we can diagnose it and offer you assistance.