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Don't settle for poor quality computers with junkware and terrible support teams operating from the other side of the planet. Based on the recent research by System Labs, over 60% of computer users end up with the wrong machine. Either they are inefficient in meeting one's needs or superfluous. The recipe to our success is simply two ingredients: personal attention and customer satisfaction.  Every person is unique, and so is every computer.  AT CTU our primary goal is to take care of your needs personally by simply understanding them prior to making any suggestions. We ensure you make the right choice when buying a new computer even if it means referring you somewhere else. 

Desktop Computer Sales

We offer the following:

Custom Built PC CTU Chicago

Custom Built Computer Systems

Our custom built systems are designed to be a perfect match for your needs. We hand pick every piece of hardware, making no compromises on quality and system reliability. We offer unparalleled warranty on parts and labor on our machines. As a result, our clients are very happy and satisfied with their custom built computers even after 8 years. Try that with an HP or a Dell. Not likely.  When it comes to software, we don't install any trials or demos like the big manufacturers. Our custom built machines feature our premium software package, giving you all the tools you need to experience the computer's full potential. Give us a quick call and tell us about your needs.  We'll match you with the perfect hardware.

Used & Refurbished Computers

We also carry used and refurbished desktop computers for clients on a tight budget. These machines offer great value, and for most, pack enough power and features. We handle these computers with the same care and attention we give to our custom built machines. We put our used machines through vigorous stress testing and install a fresh operating system. Unlike many other companies, we fully stand by our used and certified merchandise by offering 90 days full warranty. Availability changes regularly, so please check with us when you are looking for one.

Desktop Parts & Accessories

Since we do a lot of repairs, we carry most desktop hardware and accessories in stock. We pick hardware with positive feedback from reviewers and make sure the hardware passes our functionality and performance try outs. Visit our location to demo our recommended accessories.



Laptop & Netbook Sales

We carry the following:

Custom Laptops and Netbooks by ASUS

At CTU we understand how much you rely on your netbook/laptops. Our mobility series computers come with the most reliable hardware on the market today. We believe before everything else a computer has to work and perform trouble-free. Most manufacturers do not place the reliability of their machines as their number one priority. They compete for profit by constantly lowering the quality. Our units, on the other hand, come from a manufacturer that started out making computer system boards, and we take these well-built machines and enhance them with your storage needs, speed requirements, and feature requests. Last but not the least, we add our personal satisfaction guarantee and warranty in the package making it the obvious choice. As a bonus, all of our laptops come with coverage against spills, fires, drop, and surge.

Used & Refurbished Laptops and Netbooks

We are extremely selective about the units we hand pick and sell. As a result, we have a high demand on our used laptops and netbooks, so availability is always limited.  Since mobile computers are very fragile, most are not recommended to be purchased used. However, there are some that make for great machines and offer very good value over their new counterparts. Every used laptop and netbook we sell gets a fresh copy of Operating System installation as well as a hardware check and clean-up.  As the last step of preparations, we stress test the computers.

Laptop Parts & Accessories

We carry notebook hardware and accessories in stock. Come visit our location to demo a laptop.

iMac & MacBook Sales

We are proud to announce that we also carry used MAC computers. Since Apple allows very few vendors to carry their newest products, we only have an exclusive selection of used MACs. Based on our experience over the years, we don't recommend buying MAC computers new since you can save big with a certified second hand counterpart. We carry and sell both iMacs and Macbooks. We also provide an additional layer of software package on the MACs we sell. Our software gives you all the essentials on a MAC computer. Thinking of switching to a MAC?  We will assist you with your MAC transition as well as setup. We can also give your MAC the functionality of a PC.