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Nowadays most people buy computers with the intention of getting rid of it the moment it disappoints them. We are sold the idea that a new computer is always better. Unfortunately, there are many things wrong with this assessment, and at CTU we choose to take each individual client and the condition of their computer into consideration before moving forward. Most manufacturers take steps on a daily basis trying to lower costs to become more competitive. Other than lower prices this translates into a steady decline of the product's quality.  8 out of 10 computers bought as a replacement today are built with cheaper and less durable hardware than the computer they are replacing, plus they come with more and more useless trial software. Our most popular memory upgrade alone is enough to extend the lifespan of 7 out of 10 computers we service. Simple upgrades allow most people to save money on buying another computer, save time shopping around for one, save them from the hassle of going through the process of reinstalling programs and configuring settings, and save them the headache of restoring documents, music, pictures, and other personal files. Last but not the least, upgrades are the way to go green. Let's keep more computers out of landfills.

CTU Upgrade Procedure:

Upon completion of diagnostics, we determine the available hardware as well as software upgrade options. We consider many factors when presenting you with the upgrade options, primarily your needs and the cost of services. We always give our clients multiple options. Upon your approval, we start the upgrade process. With the exception of a few, most hardware is available at our service center. Otherwise, we order the same day. Every piece of hardware we choose as part of an upgrade or replacement comes from reputable manufacturers. They go through compatibility testing as well as stress testing inside your computer prior to job completion. Once your machine is ready, we call you to schedule for your pick-up.

Below you will find a quick list of our upgrade services. Every case is unique and so is every upgrade. Therefore, the list below does not include every upgrade service we perform at CTU but should help give you an idea. Stop by with your computer today, and we will help you turn it into your perfect match. 

List of Upgrades Include:


Memory is the first piece of hardware on the list when trying to increase computer speed and performance. Most people confuse memory or running low on memory with storage but actually this piece of hardware does not store any of our files. Instead, it provides the system with a space to run applications and open files. When a computer does not have sufficient memory, it relies on our hard disk drive which has much slower read/write rate causing a process to stall and at times become non-responsive. Simple memory upgrade resolves most of the speed and performance related issues by providing the computer with adequate space to perform at its peak.


The processor just like its name processes every tiny bit of command to give us the big picture like loading up our favorite desktop picture, running our virus protection, and taking us to our favorite website.  After memory, the processor plays the second most important role in our computer's performance. While it is one of the more expensive components of a computer, manufacturers along with system builders try to lower costs. Today we have computer systems with slimmed down and more reasonable versions of the processors like Intel's Celeron & AMD's Sempron. Depending on many factors, upgrading the system processor may be possible and necessary. Our expert service team members have all the tools they need at their disposal to check your processing power as well as make assessments on your system board's compatibility with a hardware upgrade.

Hard Drive

We have many ways of providing you with extra storage including the system drive imaging which does the magic of expanding the empty space of your primary disk drive. We also provide assistance with RAID setups (mirrored disk drives for data redundancy, split disk drives for increased performance, and etc). Since all of our digital life including our operating systems live inside our hard drive, drive selection, installation, and maintenance becomes crucial in avoiding catastrophes.


System boards are rarely upgraded, but there are occasions when they're necessary. Usually when a necessary upgrade such as a graphics adapter or processor becomes impossible due to system board incompatibilities, we are able to swap motherboards, not only making upgrades possible but also bringing you new features and more compatibility to the computer system.

Computer Case

Surprisingly enough we upgrade quite a few computer cases. Reasons vary from the size to poor ventilation. We have many beautiful cases with silent and effective airflow technology. We can take a look at your hardware and recommend a replacement system case.

Graphics Adapter

Advanced graphics adapters used to cater to gamers only. Today with the user interfaces like the Aero on Windows 7 and hardware accelerator support bundled with programs like Adobe's PhotoShop, it becomes a necessity for most. ATI & nVidia being the two major graphics chip builders offer a load of different products ranging from $40 to $900. We first check the system compatibility with the list of products available then suggest the best fit to meet your needs.

Operating System

The last item on the list actually carries the most importance when it comes to computing today- the operating system. Products like Microsoft's Windows 7 and Apple's Snow Leopard bring ground breaking advancements to computing today. Most people assume it is time to buy a new computer when a new operating system surfaces, or they are concerned with the possibility of bugs. In reality, with minor hardware upgrades like more RAM or sometimes with no hardware upgrades at all, computers are ready for the challenge. Our team gets their hands on beta versions of the new operating systems prior to their release and have a platform to discuss their findings with other IT professionals. Give us a call and let our trained team members hear the questions you may have.