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Resource Sharing

Properly setup home and business networks are the perfect heartbeat of our tech-world. Today starting from the Internet itself, sharing resources in small or large networks plays the most important role in all networks. Simple configurations can mean no hassle backups, printing in harmony, swapping files with joy, and more. Interestingly enough most homes and small businesses today are equipped with the main ingredient of a network to start sharing resources, the "router."  This device has the ability to be the gateway for sharing resources once its power is unleashed, and this is where our expertise comes in. Networking has been a necessity for businesses since its inception, but now more than ever home users are also jumping the bandwagon. Today's networking combined with our experience and assistance can offer your home or business a way to save money by sharing resources, work faster with instant access to a pool of networked data, stay out of trouble with automated and simplifying backups, and have more computing abilities than ever before. Networking does bring new vulnerabilities as well as challenges, so when we setup resource-sharing for our clients, we follow the industry standard guidelines to configure one. CTU also files a secure blue print of every client's network layout and configuration for future reference.

Network resource sharing offers:

  • Secure sharing of Internet access via wired or wireless connection
  • Printing & scanning from a shared network device
  • Designating a data location with or without specific permissions for shared access
  • Automated backups of networked devices

Why work with us?

  • Our team of specialists bring you over 30 years of experience.
  • CTU offers free networking assessment.*
  • We know the available networking hardware to assist you with the selection process.
  • Our team combines methods like local static IPs and advanced network settings to create the most stable sharing environment.
  • We put your network's security first by encrypting access and connections.
  • Upon completion of each setup, we check for vulnerabilities.
  • Every customer has a network blue print on file in our secure database for future reference.

Let us assist you in setting up network resource sharing in your home and/or business. Imagine merging all available resources of the network into one place, reducing costs by eliminating the need for multiple devices, and increasing productivity of the networked users.  Our first phone interview followed by a home/business visit is complimentary.