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Music Server

Ever-expanding technology and its fusion with music bring many advantages to music lovers. CTU is proud to offer you ways to organize and arrange your music collection. We want our music to be easily accessible, safe from any threats, and excellent in quality. Our team offers everything from digitizing your music collection to housing it in your home or business network making it easily accessible. Our partnership with revolutionary music controller manufacturers like Sonos music systems as well as the leaders in network storage, Synology Systems, gives us the opportunity to provide our clients with a complete music solution whatever their needs may be.

To understand what a music server can really do for you, here is a list:

  • Offer independent storage of all your digital audio (as well as personal documents) in a small profile device (device in the picture above with 1TB upgradable storage can store up to 250.000 songs. No more swapping CDs, running out of space on personal computers and etc.
  • Accessibility from anywhere, anytime! You can access your data from any device on the local network or from a web browser over internet connection anywhere in the world. Any computer connected to your network can access the music as well as any networked music system. In addition, web access allows you to send music or files from anywhere in the world or download them. Simple permission setup let's you create different user accounts with unique access rights per user. Universal partition system allows both MAC's and PC's to be able to access this device to share files.
  • Backups on the fly ensure your music and/or data library is safe from device failures. Unlike most computer devices, as well as external hard drives, our music servers include 2 internal identical disk drives. The unit reads and writes your data to both drives at the same time and monitors disk drive status. In the case of a drive failure, the unit keeps working but warns you about the failure of the drive, giving you opportunity to change it without any downtime or data loss.

CTU Digital Music Services

  • Create your digital music library from CDs, Vinly, and Cassette.
  • Clean and streamline your existing music library with ID tags and album covers.
  • Provide digital music/data storage solutions & import.
  • Configure your network to house your digital music/data.