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POS Systems

Our POS division backed by our support team is ready to visit your business to tell you how our product is the industry leader among POS systems. CTU is a proud reseller of Micro$ale POS systems. The advanced software backed by our excellent hardware and support team provides restaurant and retail owners with a piece of mind. Our staff members are fully certified installers and tech support agents of Micro$ale products with regular training on features and configurations. At CTU we understand that a big part of your success relies on technology, and our success is only possible with yours; therefore, our ready-to-go team members are on call 24/7 for site emergencies. Our extremely reliable hardware comes bundled with this excellent software providing you with equipment and professionals you can rely on.

Micro$ale offers much more:

Are you a restaurant owner? Micro$ale can help you prepare for your day by printing food prep sheets for your employees. Using your past product sales, Micro$ale will forecast how much food needs to be ready for the different stages of the day, and you can customize these periods based upon your sales trends. Reservations can be taken from any terminal for today or a future date. You can even specify a specific table. The reservation screen offers a separate column for notes. The system supports gift card accounts and house accounts, frequent diner programs, and VIP customer support. We'll soon be publishing a lot more of Micro$ale's features on this page, so check back soon!