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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the leading business strategy today to come up at the top among your peers online. SEO refers to the number of modifications and additions to your web page to help it stand out and get better ratings and recognition from search engines. Whether you are in the business of e-commerce, location donors, generating advertising revenue to spreading the word about your services. Ultimately, we want lots of visitors to your website. The most popular way to be found in congested cyberspace is through a search engine, the gateway between your website and people. In the month of November  2009  Google alone served to 9.5 billion search requests. These Google searches could have delivered people to your site instead of your competitor's. 

The chart below demonstrates the importance of your search engine placement. Percentages indicate visitors clicking on the link. 1 through 10 are the search results from the first page. Less then 4 percent of the users will click on any of the links beyond the results of the first page.

Our Services: Among many small and big optimizations we perform on your site, the list below will give you an idea on how our work will get you results:

  • Clean Programming:  We remove any superfluous words on your html that cause your site to lose points with search engines.
  • Validated Coding: We use multiple tools to analyze your site to ensure it meets the accepted standards of coding. Any errors in the html language will cause damage to your reputation with search engines.
  • Keywords & More: When search engines decide to scan your website, they will first look at keywords, descriptions, and titles of the pages. These areas must exist and should be carefully filled in to ensure maximum results.
  • Images: Search engines are unable to understand pictures, but when text is associated with them, they can become very helpful. We assign descriptive text specific to your images maximize your optimization.
  • Site Map: Visitors as well as search engines can jump to your other content from any page very easily with a site map in place. This very helpful addition will create exposure for all of your pages.
  • Page Names: Something as simple as descriptive names for your html pages will play a key role in getting indexed above other pages on search engines.
  • Blog: This is not mandatory but highly recommended. Our SEO team with assistance of our web developers can integrate a blog on your website, attracting new and returning visitors to your site as new content is added. Updating your blog will also tell search engines to check your site more frequently for changes and give it a higher rating since there is regularly new content. (A website is considered more valuable when it is updated more often.)


Our SEO team continuingly studies the rating system of search engines to always stay ahead. We consider your success ours as we work through the process of increasing traffic to your site. Our experts are trained to study each website with a unique vision to execute proper optimization techniques. Success through web optimization requires patience since search engine robots take time to visit your site. We work with you throughout this process and regularly monitor your keyword status with our tools to make sure you're on your way to success.