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SMM (Social Media Bookmarking)

SMM stands for Social Media Marketing, in short it represents millions of possible prospects on the web that your business needs to reach. Social media today is more than a platform for teenagers to socialize, it's a world of people from all ages looking for the next exciting thing out there. Most businesses are unaware of the fact that they're already on many of the social media networks, either through the mass listing of the network or through a past or current client. For businesses today effecient engagement in the social media world can mean growth.

In 2009 ComScore looked at the degree of influence among online-shoppers from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. An overwhelming 28% of people questioned pointed to a social site influencing their purchase decisions. 7% were introduced to their new favorite business through Facebook, and 5% regularly followed a business on Twitter in the hopes of getting coupons and other offers.

As far as cost is concerned, SSM is a more affordable marketing option than Google's adwords. Promoting your business on Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, etc. is actually cost free. The CTU team can help you be the next exciting thing staying ahead of your competitors in the social media market. We can get your name out there and make it a subject of discussions. Our team of experts can offer you free social media analysis to show you where you stand, set goals, help you work towards them, and ultimately gain a lot of business. Call us today, so we can offer you more specific information that would relate to your business and its current social media presence.