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Great service!!! These guys are the best.

- by Stacy posted on Google (9.26.11)

Knowledgeable staff and convenient location. They got my computer up and running like new in no time! Recommended highly.

- by Megan H. posted on Yelp (9.22.11)

Burak was very friendly, and was upfront about any costs that might occur. I got my computer back in just a few days, and it has been running like a dream. I highly recommend them.

- by Anthony posted on Google (9.14.11)

Chat Tech USA is probably the best computer doctors in Chicago - I took my laptop there and not only did they reassure me, but they were able to get it done quickly, and their rates were incredibly reasonable. I can't tell people enough how great these guys are - they're awesome and they should be the go-to guys for any of your computer needs.

- by Peter M. posted on Yelp (8.1.11)

My relationship with Chat Tech USA started after my system crashed and I brought my computer to the "GEEK SQUAD". Best Buy and the GEEK SQUAD basically told me that my system was so compromised that they would have to go through several procedures that had a hefty price tag. Which is what you can expect from one of these dummied down corporate america big box blue chip companies. I was given no direct answers, their analyzation of my problem was vague at best and their "repair" was half asked as they got my computer to run again but were unable to restore my lost files.
I cued in on the lack of competence as I payed the bill and walked away defeated becouse I was delving into graphic design and audio engineering at the time and was distraught because the files I lost were a personal extension of my creative self, and I had audio recordings that i would not be able to reproduce again.
On my way home from this dilemma I passed by Chat tech and decided to walk in and see what kind of operation they were running.
I explained my problems to a Mr. Burac Surac and he looked me directly in the eye and told me that he believed that he could recover my files somewhat painlessly.
I had already had a hefty bill from the geek squad and really didnt want to continue to throw money at a problem but I felt that the files that I needed to recover were valuable enough to try to make a second attempt at fixing my problem.
I dont trust alot of people and I grew up on the streets and I can read people pretty well, I dont know much about computers, but this dude seemed pretty solid and confident about what he was able to do, so I entrusted my computer into his services.
It was less than two or three days when Mr. Burac Surac called me back and informed me that my computer was working and my files were restored.
He fixed a problem that geek squad said was unlikley to be resolved and did it at a fraction of the price.
Although a few files were not in their original state, due to shareware software I was using possibly, this guy came through for me in the clutch.
Since then, I have been solely using Chat Tech USA for my computer repair, upgrade and maintenence services. I have actually moved on to running a very advanced audio and video editing system on what has become my own small business and have had Chat Tech USA hand pick and assemble the components for the computer I am using now.
As a small businessman trying to succeed I demand certain things from myself which I believe my customers expect from me. These things are a strict attention to detail, an ability to solve a problem whether it is convienient or inconvienient to do so, and the efficiency of having a thorough job done in a reasonable amount of time.
I can tell you firsthand that the people at Chat Tech USA mirror this in my eyes and If they werent in business for themselves then they would be the only people I would hire for this work.
In a society where we want things fixed immediatly and that every click of the mouse means things get done, I am confident to say that the only acceptable downtime on my companies computer system is time spent with Chat Tech USA.

- by Mike R. posted on Yelp (5.31.11)