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Burac, Paul and their minions are knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. Paul also has a great tea stash he doesn't share with just any customer, but I bet he will if you ask him nicely. They've done two jobs for me, upgrading a computer running XP to Win 7 doing the whole clean install dance and adding more RAM. I aiso purchased an ASUS computer from them, and they cleaned up all the craplets and got me up and running in no time. Love these guy and love that they have kept me in the habit of muching up bandwidth with satisfaction and pleasure.

- by Claudia P. posted on Yelp (5.3.11)

Chat Tech's staff has been very helpful and reliable. They have provided us with thorough instructions and even helpful tips in using the products we've purchased. They also don't finish a job until it's done. A technician will always come back if they find we would benefit from a better tool, product, size, ect. We give Chat Tech 5 stars for its dedicated, trustworthy and friendly service.

- by Enrico R. posted on Yelp (3.29.11)

I love these guys!!
Chat Tech provides excellent service, and with great rates! I've been going here for several years, and continue to be satisfied!

- by Darrick J. posted on Yelp (3.6.11)

I have been using Chat (Burak) for over 2 years and am constantly amazed by his knowledge and helpfulness. He has gotten my computer and IPhone up to speed with the things I need and just installed a Sonos sound system in my house. I was skeptical at first, but this system gives me lots of options and is SIMPLE TO USE. Even a techno-phobe like me can figure it out and enjoy not only the music I love, but explore new options easily and quickly. As always, Burak was friendly, efficient and super knowledgeable. Use his services - I couldn't recommend him higher! In addition, he always responds promptly to even the smallest requests/issues I am having and doesn't make me feel like an idiot! Patient and a good teacher.

- by Lynne posted on Google (2.10.11)

A few years ago, my daughter's computer crashed. It had all of her college papers and notes on it. Another computer service was not able to retrieve her files, but Burak Sarac came to the rescue and retrieved all of her files. Since then, I have bought all of my equipment and programs from him and he takes care of all computer problems that arise. He is an expert is this area, provides exceptional service and charges reasonable prices. I consider him and his company part of my business team and I highly recommend him.

- by Tom posted on Google (2.8.11)