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Constantly evolving, IT technology requires successful professionals to keep up with the changes, just like how doctors study throughout their profession in the medical field. Our job since 1998 has always been to be ahead of the curve as a team, so we can always make the right decisions, find short cuts, and make our tasks easier. One of the important qualities we look for in our team members is the ability to bridge the gap between technology and our clients.  Our team members have the patience as well as the skill to translate the computer world into plain English. They put these talents into good use in our private training sessions with everyday people on computers. We understand our audience and our goal prior to orchestrating a successful training session. Our team provides everything from one-on-one training with individuals to group training in companies. We have held training sessions in everything from using Gmail and Picasa to group training on Quickbooks and Photoshop. Subjects on training are endless, so whatever your needs may be, we encourage you to give us a call for a free consultation. We will point you in the right direction.