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VPN provides extremely secure connections between private networks linked through the Internet, which provides companies with networks secure access to all available resources over an Internet connection. Today's technology not only makes networking over the Internet possible, but it also makes it very easy to accomplish. Up until a few years ago, VPN, a costly technology to implement, was only seen in large corporations playing the important role of connecting offices located throughout the country or the world. Products like TZ series routers from SonicWall offer features like firewall, router, and VPN connectivity in one reasonable box which makes VPN technology available for any budget today.  The illustration below gives an idea of how VPN tunnels makes things possible for businesses of all sizes.

Virtual Private Network

Some of the features and benefits of VPN

  • Provide secure and centralized location for data so all data can be secured and managed from a single location.
  • Eliminate data loss by making it possible to map all workstations to a remote data directory.
  • Make file sharing and access to all resources of the network a breeze increasing functionality, productivity, and portability.

How can we help?

CTU offers free consultation for businesses. We can help you by first going over your goals then assessing how VPN can help your business grow. We create a custom solution and provide the equipment and installation. Our trained technicians also provide you with a walk-through of how everything works upon finishing the project. CTU is always ready for 24/7 assistance and ongoing troubleshooting should problems arise. With our experience and knowledge in the field of networking, our certified technicians get you setup properly which helps eliminate ongoing troubleshooting and maintenance costs.