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Web Design

CTU web design team is made up of number of individuals located around the world with unique talents. We handle every project as a team to ensure each component of your website gets the proper attention to shine in cyberspace and to make the process easier for you. We assign a single contact person from our lead development team who manages all the aspects, serving as the perfect bridge between you and our skilled gurus.

Web Design Walk-through

  1. Complimentary Consultation
  2. Forming of the Site Map
  3. Creation of the Artwork
  4. Content Addition
  5. Optional Custom Programming / Functionality
  6. SEO & SMM Optimization

Starting with our complimentary consultation, we capture the essence of your business and its premise. Beginning with our first step interview, we form a map of your site with all of its sections which we then hand over to our artwork team who connects with you to work with your existing color scheme, logo, and material to create your unique web theme. At the next stage, our content team takes over the project to fill in the magical words. Upon the completion of the content process, our programming team implements your relevant features like online database, client update modules, and anything else important to your website. At the final stage, we have our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing) team bring together their talents to maximize the impact of your site. As you read through the steps above, the whole process may sound expensive and daunting, but you will be surprised at how stress-free it all will be with experienced team members and affordable, competitive pricing. We work with a wide variety of clients with ranging needs from clients with small personal projects on tight budgets to clients with offices around the world with maximum budgets.